Our primary goal every day...

is to send our people home safe!


Our primary goal every day… is to send our people home safe!

Safety is our highest priority. Our safety programs enforce laser focused attention on what matters most: that nobody gets hurt. Our project teams create a safe work environment by using two key programs: a comprehensive safety program and a customized, site-specific safety program. Both programs meet or exceed OSHA requirements and include tools and processes that ensure safe practices on every job site.

MBW strives to not only be the safest commercial construction firm in the industry, but to also improve our safety numbers every single year. We invest in our safety programs because it’s a win-win: it makes good business sense and – more importantly – it is the right thing to do for our employees and our clients.

Our safety programs also help us deliver the best possible solutions by ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, engaging our crew, and increasing productivity.

Bottom line, our primary goal is to send everyone home safe, every day.