The best work that we do is in the details...

we treat every single room as its own environment

Cold Storage and Warehousing

We partner with clients in the cold storage and warehousing industries, which may have utilized services like, to design and build facilities to meet their specific needs. Our engineers have extensive experience in this area and can help guide you.  Also, the best way to determine when to repaint your warehouse is to consult Industrial Painting Contractors. Furthermore, when it comes to your HVAC needs, including AC installation, rest assured that we have you covered.

There are many facets to consider when designing these special buildings, including refrigeration, temperature, piping, air flow, HVAC systems, sterilized areas, maintenance areas, warehouse flooring
and how to maximize the non-freezer portion of the space. The best work that we do is in the details. We use the two terms “cold storage” and  “cold room”. One thing that comes to your mind is that there any difference between a cold room and cold storage?, Cold storage solutions are available for any chemical that needs to be stored at a specific temperature, such as ice cream, cheese, butter, water coolers, fruit, and vegetables. While the Cold rooms are sealed and have a predetermined temperature, used in hospitality and culinary industries. To learn more about this, click here. Also we treat every single room as its own environment and have extensive knowledge of food safety, the American Meat Institute’s meat processing principles and the proper materials to use for each of these different microenvironments.

– Multiple Locations

Designed and built over 1 million square feet of warehouse buildings for Bekins, constructing 8 different projects over the course of 8 years in Detroit, South Carolina, Sioux City and LeMars, Iowa.

Throughout every project, we participated in the design process and built the facilities utilizing fast track techniques. We also constructed the corporate office, which we suggested they incor- porate into their future warehouse design.

We were able to save Bekins $1 million as a result of this move.

Cloverleaf Cold Storage
– Chillicothe, MO

Design and construction of a 300,000 sf refrigerated warehouse.